Chakram issues

Seams the chakram can not hit enemies that are to close or “on top” of player, and they do not auto target (just like the mage gloves)
Can you fix the auto targeting of chakram and mage gloves too.
At least with the mage gloves I can pivot in place and spin around to hit enemies, but the chakram throws two projectiles then I can take a few steps, making it very difficult to hit enemies.
And when out of magic the chakram animation goes but no projectile shoots and no damage is done to the enemy. Very annoying they can go on top of the character too, no collision.

  1. this is because you throw the chakrams at arm’s length. The chakram does not shoot from your body.

  2. I do not understand you.

  3. they do still shoot an invidible projectile that damages but again, they do so at arms length.

The chakram is a Ranged weapon, not a melee weapon. If someone is on top of you grappling you, GL throwing a boomerang at them.