Challegene Charakter

I am playing this game for a while and like it very much. These days I was asking myself how it would be to create a new Account starting all over at zero but I got my knowledge and experience. But i would never connect both Accounts and share loot etc…

So the Idea:

Creating a Challenge Charakter
Starting with no shared Stash (cant buy it too)
You can start a new Charakter with Zero Gold/Crystals/Mystones/Equippement.
After finished your personal Challenge you can transfer the Character to a normal one to share loot, Crystals etc…

Challenge Character aren’t allowed to use:
cant participate in PvP

Posibility to transfer Charakter to Challenge Charakter

Keeping Ascendet lvl
Starting over at lvl 1
loose all Heroic Points
Feast are going to Zero (like you do the first time)
You need 8 free Slots in Stash for your Equipement
Bags must be empty

The Idea is not fully finished but thats may be Start of a Discussion

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