Challenge maps

Hi folks.
Just realized that I’ve been saving up challenge maps, for no appearant reason.
I guess I had this idea that it’d be a better idea to save them until I have a build where I can upgrade and run them at a higher map lvl with better gold + nf
What do you do with yours? Use them immediately or…?
Just asking since they’re kinda crowding a tab in my inventory, and I guess it might be dumb holding on to them? :slight_smile:

there are types of maps
White = normal
Blue= Magic
Yellow = Rare
Orange = Epic
Red = Legend
Green = Eternal
you only need to keep the Red and Green map :smile: its a special one
the use on map is to continue grinding a higher floor for example we only have a 200 floor and we need to use a map to advance at higher floor.

When ever you successfully complete a map it will always give you one for the next floor so it’s always worth it to use them so definitely do! :smile:

It’s the ‘red version’ I’m referring to. I use the others to as high a map lvl I can manage (which is still fairly low), but I’m hoping, by following the ‘duct tape’ mage build, that I’ll be able to clear maps at a higher lvl at some point, and I’m just wondering if I should save the red maps or use them for leveling? :slight_smile:

Well when you collect 25 maps you gain an legend map, i rush 25 maps and when i get the red one i complete it at 100% and conserve the other map as a checktpoint
I recomend you to “convert” the red map to higher floors and farming it, the red map are more easly than the others :v and will be better if you have the eternalized perk

Yeah the legend maps are easier and you have a lot better chance of some far out space loot. Wait till you get that eternal map before you get too serious on running it. You could always create a dummy character to hold them too. If you like collecting them anyway

Allright - Ty for the inputs:)

Yup you should definitely run them they’re very common and definitely worth while :smile: