Challenged challenge maps = not working bro

So as you can see. I’m just chilling at the edge of the map. And LoL :joy: forever beyond my choice.

Keep getting stuck at edges, corners and sides of challenge maps. This only started happening once my MS was capped. And there’s nothing I can do to get out of it and continue the challenge Map.

And trust me it sucks when it happens on legend M3 maps spawning a mythic enemy. Even when aiming to avoid getting trapped.

Any suggestions??? :sweat_smile:

Dont go near those edges.

It happens all the time. Good thing there is blinking abilities.

Use orb to blink out


You’re an edge. :tired_face:

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Yeah I just did a quick do-over. Now I’m a -ninja assassin- -overlord- you’reA -warrior- WIZARDHARRY


works surprisingly well. :space_invader:

Map bug is still annoying tho’. Simply because I know it’s there. :disappointed_relieved:

Almost the way I feel about humanity. :fieriparrot:

I have not experienced this tho. Hahahah

ive experience this alot. but u can finish the map

I can try to see if I can reproduce this on my end.

  1. are you using a controller?
  2. are you on ios or andorid?

my mobile is andriod. after 25 maps 1 would be like this

Can i answer? Bc i always experience this

sure! Anything that will help me reproduce it would be appreciated

No controller, android.

can one of you two DM your DQ acount? I want to try to play with a save game that this happens with.


Ok, I was able to reproduce the issue.

It happens on the “no walls” lava maps.

When you move into a corner and then take your finger off of the virtual stick when you place your finger back on the device the character will be stuck.

This is easier to reproduce on lower end devices based off of my tests.

Thanks for the heads up and we will get this looked at!


Wow u guys figured it out nice.

@deathGG can you help me for what sets of affixes that we should use in pvp build of rogue bow build… thanks… maraming salamat…

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Sure but i cant guarantee the effectiveness of the build. For more complicated questions try asking mr scooty and griffin. For now its hard for me to help you out since ive got lots of problems huhuhuh but i will try my best just pm me if ever you have time.

same issue here. i can’t see the green portal or something, but there’s a green dot on the mini map. So basically I’m stuck!

That is how all challenge maps work. They show you the location of the floors Cartographer. When you defeat that enemy they will drop another Challenge map.

If you open that map (the one that the cartographer drops) it will exit your current challenge map and take you to a new challenge map that is one floor higher in difficulty.

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Thanks for the clarification.