Chance to cast free SPELL

I been following a few leads from you pet hunters around here, and i just aquired myself the legendary Spark pet. I noticed it gives a chance to casr yoyr “spell” again for free.

Is WW a spell? Or is there a difference, skills, spells, etc?

I think all skills count as spells in a way. They all use mana as well and can all be affected by Push the Limit, which affects spells.

Well I could be wrong but in kind of sure.

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Mk. Ty.

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Test to make sure :smile: . You live and you learn, even after those mistakes. I am also almost bankrupt in crystals due to how many build I made.

But tbh, I know how much I farm and how effective it is when the supply is almost empty for ultra rare and some other crystals.

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Yea, agreed. Im just not sure how to test with ww. Its not like a mirror image , or a storm spell, which would be obvious as hell. Not sure any kind of visual aid will be present.

True. I think it’s not for whirlwind or KnightsCharge since it has a set amount of duration regardless of cooldown. Although those skills don’t have a huge cooldown which is good and they do nice DMG. MH% DMG that is.

Clearcast is chance to cast spell for free and reduce cooldown by 100% (though it used to just be cast spell for free ).

Specialist is chance to cast spell when casting spell (almost like how a proc works but on your actual skill). If say you used meteor once, the specialist makes you throw another meteor then. I think the second cast is free though or cost some mana.

Mirrorcast is similar to specialist but for all spells instead of the spell you cast as description says. They both double cast.

Will double cast affect KnightsCharge and whirlwind? I’m not too sure but it probably can. Clearcast on whirlwind and KnightsCharge, well it isn’t like a proc but you’d only notice by lack of mana usage .

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