Change weapon type crystal

Suggesting a crystal that can change weapon type. For example from bow to chakram. From skull to orb.

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There is a crystal that already does that called Jasper but it doesn’t turn Bow to Chakram though. I see your point here that you want it so you can change a weapon to any and every weapon type of each class without limitations.

The limitation of jasper is that you can only have Bow turn in Gauntlet or turn into Axe. I like the idea of no limitation weapon type crystal but it might be a little too good sometimes.

An Orb with Defiant or Elemental damage would have been a lil too good as well as other items not previously possible unless that crystal you talk about exists.

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So we can enjoy what type of MH or OH we want hahaha. I would love it that crystal will exist haha

Or at least changr the effect of jasper where a random type of weapon will produce after using it