Change Weapon Type

We can change special skills but not primary skills using CS.

Imo, this is a fatal flaw in the system unless you got the time and resources to get the CS and MS needed to craft your “perfect” gear set.

I suggest that we be able to change a weapon’s type that way we can change primary skills too. For those of you who do not understand the purpose of this, I’m suggesting this to make Legends a bit more useful (they’re great, but Legend items have some restrictions).

Take Maelstorm Slicer (Rogue) as a good example of where this would be useful.
It’s a dagger. Daggers are melee range and I personally am not fond of them. Maelstorm Slicer has several useful affixes that would take ages to craft using the current system on the weapon type I love (Chakrams). (Meteor and Storm Proc also Elemental Critical Chance, tons of great affixes which is why it’s location unknown).

When you change a weapon’s type, any changes to the weapon’s special skill are reverted to the default of the new weapon type and the weapon’s name changes if it isn’t a legend item. Finally, the class restrictions still apply and the new weapon type must be within the same class as it was before. (Use Jasper first if you want to change classes).

Decent idea, but pretty certain it won’t happen. Legends were redesigned to put more emphasis on item hunting and less on just crafting, this would fall somewhere in between those two. A very select few weapons would emerge as THE weapons to get, just as crafting was (is) the best choice. Legends will still be balanced and changed in the future though probably, so your items of choice can always get better.

I am sure it will too because there are many items that will be unusable.

@Ircher: I do not see this happening. The new Item Legend equipment only affixes are intended to be found only on those items. I do hope an Orb, Bomb or Shield will be created with Pick up Radius+Fortune…