Character glitched, level reset

I was opening a challenge map, I get in and instantly died. I revived and my hireling did not. So I go over to him and manually revived him. He came up headless and just stood there. I killed some enemies and he leveled up and got hid had back. He was level 20… his levels reset. He was level 86. :smiley:
Email your report there.

I did, I also posted it here in case others were having the issue.

I’m sure a lot of Apple has had this issue. I am one of them. Support is generally quick. An. Hands down best support EVER!!

I had an issue with my account. Items disappeared as well. Emailed support and they had me up and running in a flash. Best Tech Support of any game I’ve ever played.

EDIT: there is a character up loader / saver that I wasn’t aware of. Create a DQ Account and you can backup your characters after each gameplay. I plan on doing this from now on to avoid what happened to me yesterday.

Hey! Thank you for the bug report. It’s a known issue. We are currently working on it.

i suggest for the meantime, if happens again “Home-Force stop the game app”. then back to game, to prevent item lost or lvl reset.

DON’T revive ur hireling. Hire it again after u force stop the DQ APP…