Character glitches and exp issues

I have a level 99 mage a 98 mage I’m 98 warrior and an 89 rogue I have noticed issues in the ability of them to be higher lanes where’s the mage class particular to the Summoner he will. not cast all his summons he will only cast as a little summons he will not cast the big summons however periodically I will see the big summons of here he also has a non stop issue of continuously casting magic and until constantly out of MP I have had my MP up around 30,000 and he will castrate through all of that I have also used blood armor and heels that return due to damage he will cast through all of thatcurrently on my level 99 mage I am having exp issues my experience power jump to completely fall and then it would jump all the way empty it does not show me the value of the experience of the enemies I am killing and I do not think I am currently gaining MP on him for my level 90 mage went from 90 to 98 while I stayed at level 99 I do understand that the higher levels take longer to go through for experience levels but I have leveled a lot of tunes and I know that that gap is not that big there are other issues with the warrior class and being able to be a hireling he is well and has a nasty habit I was just standing there in battle when a lot of his skills require him to move about I would have to use him again to give you exact details about what he was doing that was causing me difficulties but because of those difficulties I did hang him up for a little while I do intend to go back and finish his build but as of right now I am really enjoying the playing of mage. stkll guard and mana shield to me it’s a very nice combination a bit on the squishy side but what good mage isn’t now that I know where the appropriate place is to put these parts I will post more when I keep better track of what exactly is going on within the game however it is very frustrating typing on my tablet I am just getting used to using these new. technology I used to use old PC computers and laptops really like the new touch screen interfacing forgot to get used to the new settings in that so for now that is all I hope this helps you snowman

Mage as hireling. After he summons his 3 little summons change the tome to something else. I use skull. This will stop him from spamming his summon spells. And your right he doesnt summon his big guy. When he does show up I believe it to be proc from being attacked. But I may be wrong.
This spamming of the summoning spell doesn’t happen for every tome. I don’t see a pattern on which one spams.

BTW the way you typed your problem is referred to as a wall of text and is hard to read and pick out your actual problems. A lot of people seeing such will not even bother reading it. I would suggest breaking it up and covering your individual points in separate paragraphs.