Character names and vanities

When you create a character do you go with the default name or come up with one of your own? And what vanities do you have on your character?
My primary character is a pistol wielding rogue I call The Beast. She’s decked out in demonic wings and horns with glowing arcane eyes. In any character customation I always try to make my character look as inhuman as possible due to a lifelong love of animals, aliens and monsters. I also use the Ranger glow due to the falcon design and am working on getting the ranger shoulders due to the feathery look adding to the whole nonhuman thing I’m going for.
I thought it might be interesting to find out how others have chosen to customize their characters and their reasons for going in the directions they chose.

for my rogue Im usually aiming for anything assassin like the white hood and the bandanna along with the demonic wings oh and ofc the assassins shoulders…