Character slot not delivered

Uploading… I dont know how to paste the screenshot of google confirmation on mobile that i purchased today a character slot 3 but its not yet delivered

No problem!

Shoot me a DM with your DQ Account email address and I will have a look on my end.

What do u mean sir?

Clock on my name and send me a direct message. In that message include your DQ Account email address and I will try to get your slot sorted out for you

Done sir

Did u receive my msg sir? @tdaniel

I did, and I responded

Yes thank you for fast action sir. Waiting now for result

Try this:
Restart your Device
Start Dungeon Quest
press the “Options” button on the main menu
press the “Social/IAP” button
Press the “Restore purchase” button.

This should unlock your purchase for use.
If it does not please let us know and we will work to unlock this for you manually!

Thanks for supporting and playing dungeon quest!

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Thanks sir @tdaniel got it already! More power to DQ!

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Please let us know if you have any other issues

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Sir i also have this problem long time ago can i still have my 3 slots? Already paid them before.

Oooopppssss… Sorry sir my account is now ok. I just didn’t found the email replied to me before. Thanks!