Character Slots: Isn't Six Too Many?

as you all know, everyone starts with 1 Character Slot. when I first got DQ, 1 slot was enough, especially since I don’t normally spend money on online type games. but after checking out all 3 Classes, I realized that I wanted 1 of each Class, so then I started yearning for 2 more Character Slots. eventually, after Google Opinion Rewards and a $10.00 Google Play Gift Card, I somehow ended up with 6 Character Slots! I had so many plans and ideas for those 6 Slots! but I ended up focusing on my First Character Slot, letting the others gather dust (not the Dust in DQ). this morning, while walking around and eating breakfast, I finally came up with a plan. 3 Characters will be 1 of each Class and with all 6 Perks. they will be my Climbing and Farming Characters. the other 3 will be 1 of each Class and only for PVP. since I want them to have Max Hero Points, they will only get the Accomplished Perk. this idea feels right for my play style of having fun and being lazy.

what have you all done with your extra Character Slots?

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I got lazy after 3. 3 are kitted up in green items and ignored. 6 character classes would be better… hint :slight_smile:

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Use them all as bags


I do. But I will work on them soon. I’ve nearly finished my 3 deadly sinner characters

I use em as toons to tinker with and experiment on while leaving my arena ones geared

I only have one avatar :frowning: Don’t have the money to buy another slot.

I was thinking of, when I get my 3 PVP Toons set up, I can use their bags for storage too, but until then…and I figure my Farming/Climbing Toons will also be the Experimental Toons too.


Yup. Using em as bags and experimental toons are a perfect valid use for them.

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