ILonggo po Ako. ndi Ilokano.

Kung matapang katalga pakita mo, ndi puro sa comment sa social media…

Nilampos taka karun gago ka.

Hey! Please post your screenshots here:

If you feel uncomfortable, you can also write me a PM.

i just pm you.taking the screenshots ATM…

MoModified gear?

send this to REPORTS ONLY Report Cheaters & Hackers thread, and a Dev will take a look at it. also, compare it to the Wizard item in the Codex. if not there, check the Warrior and Rogue Eternal items. Eternal items can have Crystal affixes, but it has to be one that is found on the item as shown in the Codex. Eternal items can also be switched to other classes with the Jasper Crystal. hope this helps.

Edit: ahh, the Defiant Set is on enough different MH weapons, that using the Jasper Crystal, any MH weapon can have it, although some will have the 200% WD, and others will have the 200% ED. ok, I just checked the Codex, and it was Jaspered from either Warrior or Rogue. High Voltage, and Defiant are the only affixes that were not changed, the other were, so this is a modified item. Eternal items can also have their Element changed with Calcite, but the other changes are wrong.

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yesterday higher rank was boss with 20k… today Artemis come from nothing with 100k???

There is no wand eternal mutiny for wizards. The eternal mutiny is a glove for wizard. Also the eternal mutiny glove has two zircon slots to add mystic runes, this eternal mutiny he has equipped doesnt have any slots.

Rogue Mutiny Flintlock and Warrior Mutiny Lance can both be Jaspered to a Wizard Mutiny Wand. I did say he kept 2 affixes, changing 4 of them. I count sockets as affixes until they get a Myth Stone placed in them. but in any case, that item is a modified item and has been posted in the Cheaters Thread. there are many items that can only be found usable by certain classes. but the Jasper Crystal can be used to switch an items class to another class. the best example is Warrior items that have the Block affix on them. Block can only be rolled on OH weapons for any class, but can be found on Legend Warrior items as loot, so if you want a Block affix on another item, you need to be a Warrior, or use the Jasper Crystal to switch the Warrior class to either Rogue or Wizard. but only a few non OH Warrior items have Block on them.

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The highest floor that i reached was around 5k+ but the recorded was only 3k+ alongside with fookie_as. Reaching 10k+ floor is very tedious and repetitive. 100k+ is…

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How ? :joy::scream:

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Sorry, guys. Necroposting. DMs or new thread. :slight_smile:

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