Cheating Punishments

People who get caught cheating don’t lose anything?
They don’t lose the account nor itens? They r just flagged and fight in a “cheater’s arena”?
In this arena they still get chest for wins, eternal league vanities, auras etc?

It’s a single player game it’s like dark souls sure fromsoft can ban them from online play for using cheat engine but you can’t do anything about offline play and even if you could it would stop people who wanted to do cool single player stuff that you normally couldn’t from doing that cool and unique stuff ¯_(ツ)_/¯

But even being an offline game, should be nice to know that who don’t cheat are appreciated. There are a lot of examples of singleplayer games who ‘trolls’ ppl who try to cheat, when online games were not even popular.
Stuff like what I said: Arena prizes only for legit players, maybe a special vanity once per year, idk.

@Griffin sir how about the leaderboard in campaign? It would be nice if the cheater and legit will be seperate leaderboards also like in battle :grin:

Cheaters just get straight up removed from the campaign leaderboards every once in a while it just takes a bit cause it’s a manual process :smile:

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floor 1 billion + is that possible? :smiley: just asking

Well let’s say you’re clearing floors at 1 per minute which is incredibly generous at ultra high floors then that would be 1000000000/60/24/365=1902.58752 years of play so no not particularly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

why they are still in the campaign leader boards? :darkbeerparrot:

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