Does anyone know whats like the percentage of chest drops in the arena? Like how much percent is the drop rate of eternal or legendary chest etc


Not really but I figure that killing a " new" and tougher opponent increases your chances


Ow well need to grind the arena Iguess


You can also ungrind the arena. Let weaker characters play the league and then when you’re back in lower divisions then level up again with good characters. It all helps. You get eternals releveling


The problems is even If I set the worst AI settings for my wizz he wins 80% of the matches and I am only using a farm build


Never really bothered building one cuz lets face it im only at floor 360 and some of the loot is still “ew”


Put really bad items on him :slight_smile:today I just created a rogue to replace my eternal 1v1 league division 5 wizard. Unfortunately it’s doing good. Winning matches in division 6. But still getting nice chests occasionally


I’ll just put my warrior in 1v1 i guess he does no damage at all like none


Watch commercial before fighting is good ches


Not really I’ve watch some but I only get epic


Add prayer


Lol watch commercial too :slight_smile:


Just luck and play battle as many as you can :dealwithitparrot: