So I had about 500k saved up to use towards climbing the ranks in PVP. I used about 300k and got 8 legendary 26 epic 12 rare chests, that I was saving to put on my rogue, and when I logged back on in the morning they were gone. I checked both characters inventory’s, and didn’t find them and restarted the game, can anyone help me?

If you pulled in your chests from your message queue and you already had chests in your inventory of the same type you may have run into a bug that we have fixed for the next patch.

I think you emailed me today. If not please send me one now, if you did I will get it sorted for you shortly.

Yes I did, and I got the reply, what do I do now?

I will get to you email in about 15 minutes or so. Working my way FIFO (first in first out)