Choosing weapon or gears style,

Please let us choose weapon or gear style, make some crystals that can change style, or make some additional crystal effect that can change weapon/gear style, like beryl, when using beryl thers a dialogbox letting us choose if its gear nature or gear style,
Coz warrior with pink hammer is not CooL T_T

i actually like this idea…maybe they can even add more designs/skins like the nightblade so we could just equip that and we don’t need to use crystals anymore

yah warrior with pink hammer really not cool dude T_T even rogue with pink dagger is not that cool T_T all ragnarok is pink T_T

Pink is not cool. In fact, it is warm. Pink is the color of most of your body’s organs and tissues, which maintain a temperature in the upper 90’s Fahrenheit.

Pink is warm. :sunglasses:

Ahahaha! Taric of LOL is not cool with his pink costume and pink hammer.

LoL is for noobs, though. Shinybox is love, Shinybox is life.

Great suggestion! I also want this even if it’s only available in in-app purchase just like buying special pet skins, not just weapons but armors also!