OK so I have been playing extensively and studying guides, wikki and builds etc and feel like I have a good grasp of the game and the mechanics but I have a couple of questions.

First off I am almost level 60 rogue first run through

I understand the crafting system quite well as I come from path of exile but am I correct in saying the item level is irrelevant for crafting, for example getting an early eternal drop can be boosted via crystals and perfectly viable for end game crafting?

I played around a little with crystals to get familiar with the system and give myself an easy time in firstbru throuh, I’m currently running mythic 2 with ease should I just speed through to the first ascension and hope to collect the drops planned for my build or should I spent some time towards floor 100 farming?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Should I be completing trial maps or saving them seeing as they can be upgraded to higher levels?

You cannot use peridots to level up eternal gear so early eternals won’t be as strong as you progress unless they are already high leveled. You also can’t use many other kinds of crystals on eternal items.

If you get your rogue to level 99 you could ascend but as of now i would just keep climbing floors.

Maps are fairly common and upon completing them you get another map for the next floor so feel free to use them.

I plan on continuing to climb as there is a few items at level 100+that I want anyway :wink:

Floor 100 is a must. Then 200 to open the game

most people get up to Floor 200, as that opens up enough loot for early builds of any kind. at that point, you need to decide if you want to continue climbing floors, farm for loot, or pick a Perk and start Ascending again. usually, the choice is to farm for enough loot to make Ascending for Perks later easier.

this is a post of what Crystals can be used on Eternal items. hope it helps.
Challenge Maps are gotten by defeating Cartographers or buying them in the shop. the ones from the Cartographer will be for the next Floor, and the ones from the shop will be the same Floor you are on when you buy them. also, the higher the Floor you are on, the higher the cost of the map.

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Just a quick update -
Made this simply to speed up farming at mythic 3 floor 160… Quick question, I plan on going permafrost, frozen, adventurer and momentum I haven’t planned my affixes yet but is momentum available through crystals?
I’ll probably glass cannon a little with a HP pet to keep my HP manageable.
My second question is what HP am I looking at to avoid getting one shotted around floor 1,000?

High floor need Dodge or block to survive … even with 1 hp u still can survive if have max Dodge/block… u still die but not a lot…
Momentum can rolled via crystal, use warrior item to get that, because it warrior afix exclusive.

Thanks i guess I’ll go Dodge then seeing as I’m rogue not going to work about that for now though can still 1 shot pretty much everything on screen in mythic 3 :slight_smile:

Sort for the double post edit doesn’t seem to want to work on my phone today -.-

One final question -
I noticed that a lot of the screenshots on here show 299 in a stat (normally power) how is this achieved?
I did a couple o Google searches but found nothing to really explain it…

299 Power Stat: in Patch 3.0, it was lowered, so when you respec your stat points, it doesn’t take as long. even though the points you get is 1/3 of pre Patch 3.0, each point is 3x of the old points, so the only thing that really changed is redoing the points faster than before if you respec.
Dodge and Block: Dodge 60% got me a long ways in DQ, but on some maps, especially pack size maps, you die more often. I added a Crystal 45% Block on my OH, so I now have 60% Dodge and 45% Block, and I die a lot less often, even on pack size maps. also some way to get out of trouble, especially on maps that have a lot of Furies dropping out of the sky, or a lot of Malum’s popping up out of the ground. like a high movement speed, Teleport, Vault, Shatter, Charge, or something else. then there is Sanctuary. you might be able to make your build so that you die maybe 1-2 times every 5 maps, but even 0-2 times a map is better than 5-10+ deaths per map. and if you kill monsters fast enough, or Taunt/Stun, that just means fewer monster your Dodge/Block has to deal with.

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Ahh thanks for explaining, i do plan on using a bomb for vault it was either going to be vault or stealth with stealth proc but not sure how reliable the proc would be even with maxed out attack speed I would have to test but I’m still farming for nadroji set :frowning: