Cleaning out my closet~~ (one more time~~)


so i’m currently having some issues with inventory space. as it stands, i only have like 3 slots available from 4 slots and 4 stashes lol. mainly due to items with 4+ slots and ofc, legend items i find (yeah, i’m a bit of a hoarder). just need some guidelines on what items i should keep and which to ditch. btw, i’m just lvl 80-ish doing floors past 100 on mythic 2. should i be concerned this early with farming to make builds? i mention this as i feel that this is also a reason as to why i’m having issues with storage. thanks in advance.

i keep rare lagend only. and some unreal hood. just fow it 4 empty slot. the other converted. cleaning~ lol

Every affix can be crafted using crystal later on except the rare one (set and legend).
You can check which affix that can’t be rolled by crystal here:

I only keep the rare one, and convert the rest

hey again,

did some farming over the weekend and now i’ve a handful of legends constricting my inventory again lol, most of which aren’t for my char’s class so just wanted to ask is there some sort of compendium or list on what legends turn into when converted? i ask because i don’t know what the affixes will turn into once jasper’d nor do i wanna end up converting some unusable legends now only to find that when converted to my char’s class they’re actually useful -.-

convert unnecessary thing. ive been doing this like forever, eternal nadroji crystal eternal nadroji stone eternal crystal insolence. and alot other rare eternal has been convert lol

Yeah… I dont know how good your equip is right now, but once you make yourself some custom equip you can pretty much salvage or sell every low-tier legendary (Trickster, Pathfinder, Battle mage, Spellsword, Deadly strike…) you should just keep the rare ones or legends with rare affixes (like legendary +dmg% affix or legendary +elemdmg%) because you might need them for crafting.

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affixes stayed when the item is jaspered, the only thing that changed is talent (if any)

that’s the thing actually… i don’t know yet was is considered “unnecessary” or “rare” hence me asking for a sort of compendium… regarding my equips, since i just hit floor 200 over the weekend and only recently started farming, my current equips would be a chest piece with +2 fortune (forgot the name, has adventure as the set affix), immortal flintlock with +5 fortune, and a ring with +4 fortune (also forgot the name lol). i have the heroic skill fortune at max so i have a total of +31 fortune. no other luck/item drop/gold find boosting items (cause i just started farming lol). doing floors @ normal so +100% luck from map. i think my total luck is at something like 172.5-ish with gold find and item drop% both at 72.5-ish, i think (can’t remember)

i see. found this blade with spell sword set affix and was afraid too lose it if i jasper’d. guess that one’s a keeper now lol. how bout for other affixes like +(insert name of MH/OH skill–the epic affixes)? are those converted too?

I’m sorry, just try it by myself, +5 blinkstrike got converted to +5 earthshatter :joy:
So yes, it seems it’ll also be changed

motivate ur toon, try play ob M3 start from floor 50 till 200. then start over again from floor 100-200. then start buy 4 map at floor. play all 4 map rapidly. until all 4 map is floor 200. then u decide to keep ising the same map.hike from floor 200-300. u have enough resources and have some drop of crystal legend. nake jse of tbose crystal affix. craft ur set with that and keep farming. crafting and eventually u have knowledge and experience, u soon will realize what is needed and what is not
what is for pvp and what is for pve. and read all over again information given in forum and wiki. those help improve and sharping ur knowledge. and keep asking for something that u not understand (prefer game mechanism ) the rest thing u shouldn’t ask until u test the thing and still dont get it.

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Random info: if you use an mythstone on an item you can use a Garnet crystal to take it off the item and get your mythstone back. ( only use it on the ultra rare mythstone).

hey thanks again for replying and for the info. still having issues with inventory space but i’ll figure it out :slight_smile: