Clear sprite button

When you start getting a number of “ghost” monsters following you around that won’t die, it would be nice if there were a button to clear monsters with zero hp from the map.

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Nice idea. Another idea should be that if enemies die, they don’t have corpses at all and disappear at a moments notice?

click monster to be gone and put a corpse when the monster die nice idea

A button to erase the game and then the button…

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should have corpses rather than none to make it look realistic :slight_smile: but I would second on that clear sprite button. those mobs with no hp sucks.

Fair enough. Zombies are really annoying when you usr hirlings or without. Corpses keep then. Well zombies are related to lag usually or taunt with lag sometimes so no need to edit corpse at all. Hard to find zombies without taunt for me. Any form of taunt cause zombies, mostly in packsize. Clear sprite is best idea regardless of how zombies were formed. I like the idea of clearing sprite on second thought.

Nor sure how they will implement it but this is a great idea.

Assuming it’s at all possible, the game would likely benefit from being paused when it happens. Maybe integrate it into the game pause or if a button itself is necessary then on the pause screen?

If the game can understand what a zombie is, why wouldn’t it just clear them on its own? Should be easy enough to check every few seconds to see if all enemies are valid.

Or, more likely - there’s something else going on and they can’t do that for some reason. Do I know why? Nope. This kind of bug is really really hard to track down, because when you start throwing debuggers at it, it suddenly stops happening.