Clogons Ai :D

After fighting clogons AI several times now i got it! Now i know how His AI works :smile: and now i can beat his AI everytime i face him :smile:

that character? and what is your method?

You need to silence him before his fear taunt loop starts. ^^

Im using rogue :smiley:

How do you know. How do I do it without hitting on him. I thought you havr to attack and fhen silence activates? Since stealth activates frequently for me and silence trick could work, I could smash him easily so long as he no tanky. Sometimes my current build can do 20k dps in 1 hit or 1 second if no armour protects and dot takes care of sanctuary clogon as well as an optional second attack because I attack rapidly. I never faced clogon before but I have faced copys of his build. Fate is really hard for me lol.

With LohkoBuild.

GuidedShot+Fire DoT Or Bleed DoT he is History… No Offense :v:

Credits to the one who Build Lohko… :grin:

Don’t Forget to Cast Stealth, He is Good in Taunt…

You Only Need is Good Timing.

LOHKO is made by @cronos4321 and credits go fully to him :smile:

Still how do I silence without attacking him? I think silence only works if you land a hit on him.

that the main point. on hit. your enemy get debuff like fire DoT or Bleed DoT. the enemy silenced and cant cast skill mean no vanish proc no stealth proc no stealth cast. unless AI cast remove debuff right after it got hit. LOHKO will be purely Lucky shot on 2.1 because of rogue mimic set affix give chance on hit to cast stealth.

that godmode clogon… =P