Cloud Account or In-game Account Deletion

Hi Guys… Can someone tell me how do I delete my Account in Cloud or In-game?? Because I had a mistake in my acc… and I want to start Again… Tnx in advance!!

account cannot be delete just create a new one

tnx…m but I already send the developers via email that requests it… hahahahahaj

Go to dungeon quest app info and clear data. You can make a new account

Buy I can access it By log in?? I Tried that method… but I can acces it…

I took care of this for you yesterday.

Easiest way (without jumping through android settings menu) would be to un-install DQ and reinstall it. Then log on with your account. I removed your data for you yesterday when you sent me an email, so when you log in you will have blank data on your current dq account.

Hahahhaha I appreciate it so much!!.. Why I want to delete the data of the Hero is that I dont want my Arena record to be erased… I Logged in earlier and my Arena league is still the same!! So thank You So much!! Keep Up the good work DEVS!!

Hi. I have same situation with this. Can any one help me.

If you send me an email I will try to help you out!

Ok, did you want this account activated?

Yes, you can activate it even if I can 't access it in yahoo?

Oh, no I cannot. You will still need to get the authorization link once I activate it here.

I can’t access it in yahoo that’s why I want to delete my account, but I dont know how.

On my end the account information is empty. There is no active account on that email address.

Bonsoir j’aimerais supprimer un compte mais je n’y arrive pas comment faire svp