Coat machanics

hi good day i just wna know if anyone knows about the duration of coat skill ?(from rogue oh vial) or is it base on number of atk (duration)? its hard to tell if the buff still on/off i hope they put some aura on it like when use stealth so that we can identify if duration in already off

Coatweapon has no duration just click it and your next attack is 100% Critical Attack and Elemental…
Stealth is 1 sec for remove debuff and 9 secs increase DMG even the Aura is off

When you watch the arena logs it looks like the coat proc do have duration time. But i can’t confirm that.
Sometimes i’ve got hit like ~15 times in a row with critical strike, which would be almost impossible to achieve with 24% max crit chance.

in hero skill every time u lvl coat proc duration% inc so im confuse if its base in sec. or number of attacks u release

As long as you do not damage anything, coat has a 2s duration.

If you damage something, the buff is removed 0,2s after the hit. This is to ensure that all AoE spells get the bonus Crit and Ele Crit chance.

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As @Clogon said to me before Hero Skills are set to 0 when in PvP @roykiyoy.

tnx for the answer guys @marwinberna ya im sorry didnt emphasize on my question that im asking on pve side. i have a follow up question u dont mind

is coat proc good in pvp ? im curious since im using coat from vial oh. are der people build coat proc in der pvp setups?

Coat Weapon is best when you are Fire and Ice Type PvP. When fire it deals massive DoT. In ice it deals Frozen for 3 secs

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but there is frozen immune

the things is 2xcoat proc 25% in arena barely proc or maybe just unlucky? haha

its better to use lightning elem on arena if u got no coat or enough elem crit since the stacking +12% dmg debuff does not rely on elemcrit unlike frostbite u ned to froze opponent in order for it to effect. well fire+bleed = OP but some players got 2x40% perseverance to counter it

try lightning and poison as a combination it works well

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@Eater nc idea bro using two element but the other element will be weaker to ur main element though.

you can balance it 3-3 or 4-2 but but MH and OH are equal at suit helm ring and amulet is for resistance