Coat nuances?

How does this ability ACTUALLY work? Is it next hit? Next cast? What all does the duration affect?

For example, if I use it, then fire a twister, then the duration runs up, will it still auto-crit the first hit? The entire spell? What if I fire a twister then use coat before it hits? Does that work? If I use coat, then fire a twister, then shoot an arrow, and the arrow hits first, will it crit? Will the twister?

If anyone happens to know, more information would be greatly appreciated =)

Coat active launch atk OK
Coat active launch atk coat gone its fine
coat not active launch atk NO
Nocoat atk coat NO
Coat atk coat OK

It is next hit and it last for a very tiny duration so if hits stack very close too each other you can get the crit to apply to multiple hits and it does have a time limit so you need to cast it near to the time you hit an enemy so it is Cast coat -> start a time limit to hit an enemy -> hit an enemy for a small period of time all HITS are guaranteed to crit and elmental crit :smile:

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