Codex Updates - Post Errors Here :)

I just want to start this thread off by saying that the in-game Codex is such a wonderful help and I’d like to give a big thank you to the developers for all they’ve done to implement and update it.

From time to time I’ll notice errors in the Codex as I’m going through it, but I don’t report it because it’s not practical to make a thread in this forum for every one of them.

That said, I thought we could work together here to continuously post our discoveries. :slight_smile:

So please reply to this thread with any missing entries, errors or suggestions on making it better so we can help the devs out while creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone at the same time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I did also just see an error myself :slight_smile: under mythics ‘Synergy’ is listed in the Rings section although its for Head


This is a common error. I happens when you have an incomplete upload/download of your account in cloud. That would mess your entries of legends found records on codex. And about that Mythics section error saying Synergy was included on rings, I didn’t encountered something like that. Let’s just wait for others comments.

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I think this is one -
Under the nature Wisdom it says that it reduces resource cost by 10%, but it’s actually by 2.5% if I’m not mistaken

Found another :slight_smile: Celestial is not listed in Affixes section in the Codex>Dictionary

Edit: And the Elements set is not listed under sets :slight_smile:

Also under Deadly Arts in the Codex sets category it says deadly strikes give 0.5% per rank chance to finish cooldowns but the actual set description says 1% per rank chance

Another similar one - under Dictionary > Mythics > ‘Serenity’ it says that it restores 2% base MP, but under Mythics > ‘Serenity’ it says 4% is restored

Also “Shoots” is misspelled under Dictionary > Mythics > ‘CosmicOrb’ :slight_smile:

Also spiralling is misspelt on the description of the scalp skill.

All hail the sprarilling king. :aussiecongaparrot: :parrotbeer: :parrotdad: :wink: :wind_blowing_face: .

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And under Dictionary > Skills > ‘Coat Weapon’ the description makes no mention of bonus Move Speed from activating the skill, but it mentions it on the Vial screen (this might also be bugged cause I don’t notice any changes to my MS when I activate the skill…?) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yup. The true MS boost of Vial is 20% default.

Also here’s the table of each skill with MS boost.
If you didn’t notice MS boost, then it’s bug. Also with hero skill and coat, it does increase the MS a lot though. Vault has no MS Boost until you invest hero points into it.

Knights Charge --[[ 25% ]]	
Sprint		   --[[ 25% ]]	
Whirlwind	   --[[ 16% ]]	
Coat		   --[[ 20% ]]	
Stealth	  	   --[[ 20% ]]	
Summon		   --[[ 50% ]]	
ShieldWall	   --[[ 40% ]]

:+1: I’m probably just not noticing then when I activate it :thinking:

I see. If it does give you dmg using momentum though, then it works I guess.

Btw Vampiric Touch description isn’t the same as when it actually applies. Instead of 12.5% HP per rank, it’s actually 25% HP per rank as I found out in PvP and same with the bleed increase. Maybe things will be changed and maybe balanced for the better when it is actually 12.5% increase in the game code instead of just the description. Well this applies also for PvE as well as PvP.

Lol truedat! :laughing:

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