it’s quite confusing, because i don’t really remember how i use to play


Welcome back!

I guess until you relearn your DQ playing skills, you’ll be a temporary noob.

there haven’t been any major updates since you last played, but the most recent said it made finding the 4 newest Sets a little easier.


.4 newest sets??
.what set??

.tried to find UR mythstone, no tips at all??

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it’s mentioned somewhere in the Forum that you get a Myth Stone that is chosen between the 2 rarest Mythstones used to make it.

farming floor 500ish gives the best chance for dropping Ultra Rare Myth stones, especially when killing Epic+ monsters. Mythical Set also increases the chances of Mythstones dropping.

or Farm for lots of Gold and upgrade lower Tier Myth Stones to higher Tier Myth Stones. the trade off is 2 lower Tier for 1 next higher Tier Myth Stone. or spend 5 millionish Gold in the Shop when Ultra Rare MS & CS show up.