Community "support" for Dungeon Quest 2


Hello DQ community! Have been a long time player (would say 1500+ hours) and always reading forums for builds and updates and such. And I cant even say how excited I am about DQ2. Yes i have became a little bored with DQ1 at this point. But easily still my favorite mobile game period. I have probably tried every single other hack n slash/rpg style or even roguelike crawler available on the play store and I end up uninstalling just a short hour after trying it. DQ has ruined me!!!:joy::joy:.
Just wanted to say thank you Devs! And I’m sure DQ2 will be nothing short of extravagant. Even if it doesn’t live up to my supernatural hype. As long is it’s a true predecessor to the original then I will be more then happy.



Well…we cannot plan for everyone’s hype level but we will do our best!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! :slight_smile:



That’s great and I agree with you. DQ has done something like that to me too. I don’t play much but it is still such a great gaming experience I’ve had. Definitely DQ 2 I’m pumped for but in the mean time I’m experiencing many other good games to spend my time and such. Really is a very cool mobile game.
I’d even go far as to say DQ is one of the only mobile games I play , a few others and then emulating GameCube games, PSP games, N64 games, PSX games and more on my phone.
If DQ 2 sounds like DQ on steroids (or whatever the title will be), yeah that sounds great.

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DQ is the most successful offline rpg in the Android.I remember old time of the game and i looking to current it’s great man.Shinybox always improved mistakes and stay with players.Many companies also know this is the best way to climb top but they just making games for 2x gain and starting to don’t update the game/listen to players so dumbs getting doomed to be forgotten.

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For ennemies,less hp and more damage in m3



Its ment to be difficult, i almost asked for harder difficulties :joy:, cba farm high floors to test damage :3