Community "support" for Dungeon Quest 2

Well, I don’t even know how to start.
Some of you may know, others might not, but the developers are working on Dungeon Quest 2 from what I was told. I don’t know if the name will be DQ2, but I know a game is in developing.

This is why I make this thread, in order to inform the community, talk, make suggestions, and everything we can do to be of help to make a great game.
I like this Dungeon Quest game, but for me it seems too “casual”. Maybe because I played too much Diablo. Even though I like it I have to say it…after a while it gets boring. Not much diversity in maps and monsters,no act quests…ect

So, guys, do we unite to make a great game? Do we make polls with suggestions and features to see which ones are the most important for us as players?

And to quote the dev…
“We are adding a story mode with quests and stuff”
Opinions please? Because I pissed off enough @tdaniel I believe, in the mail support.:joy:


haha, ok, so I was thinking of answering, then decided not to, and now I will.
I wont give up DQ, I like the Campaign, pushing me past my limits to discover that they weren’t really limits at all. Arena is an extension of that, testing my limits against other players limits, and pushing past those limits to reach for First Place in Eternal Division 1, not to mention all those chests with loot!
but DQ2 sounds like it might be more Multi Player than PVP, so it would be 1 vs. many, or teams/groups vs. teams/groups, or 1 vs. 1. probably a storyline based on this one, maybe, I think…
so 1 game to improve a person, and another to improve us as a team. but the Dev’s haven’t given out many hints, so it is hard to think of improvements or ideas until they let players do Beta Testing and share some of the results, or however it works. for anyone who has read through the Forums, there has been a lot of ideas and feedback for a game like DQ2 for the Dev’s, so now it is just waiting to see what the Dev’s have done with all of the Dreams that have been posted, mix it with their own Dreams for a great game…what more is there?

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Expect more changes in DQ2 Just relax and drink your coffee @Masmerize :smile::grin:

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I wonder how long it will take before beta? 2020? 2021? or even 2025? That freaking long with so many new similar game I dont think waiting for long is good just my opinion.


That’s definitely some projection, there, @Rubrix.


I think DQ2 will be like this game but on steroids


I hope they are making DQ2.If they are doing it i think thats must be:
Class change
So much diff bosses(x4 more than current)
So much item and set type (x2 more than current)
Survive Mode with Ranks and Rank Rewards
1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4,5v5 arena modes
Maybe a capture mode
Co-op boss and raid dungeons
And oh maybe one more class (like priest,incarter)

If they can do all i can play with same graphics :blush:


DQ2 ftw

Totally working on it now…no foolin’

Does have multiplayer
Does have more classes
Items galore

It is taking us so long because…well…games are hard :slight_smile:



@tdaniel offline option too for us poorer players. Then you have perfection


How about an hardcore mode. You die once and your character is erased ?

@dickwad :-1: I am sure there are players who would think that is a good idea. a death game, like SAO (in the anime). if you don’t learn the game fast enough or well enough, you wont progress very far, so only those who are good learners, and don’t mind starting over when dying, would be interested in a game like that.

I personally don’t play “hardcore mode” in other games but I know plenty of people that do. As long as it is a different game mode and isn’t the only way to play, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a feature that would add value for the player.


Can u give a tip about when the game will be published? So far?

Hardcore mode. Thats all i ask for. You die once, character deleted.

Got a better idea. An hard core league. You don’t loose your character if you choose to fight on the hardcore league and can still fight on normal league. However , when you die on hardcore league then you can never fight there again with that character. Your league ranking is basically a place of rest. It’s a clash of titans on an epic scale

I think it’s a little weird.But maybe can be like this:If u lose u’ll place common league.Everyweek gives reward and u must enter it 40 times per week for get the rewards.Also u’ll get rewards on win streaks.If u complete a week with 0 lose u’ll get a title.I’ve so much idea about it but but i’m lazy to write :sweat_smile:

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I noticed that a shinybox developer liked my comment about DQ2 being a game on steroids. Hmm maybe it will be :slight_smile:


Players will have to be patient. I remember getting my first computer in the 1980s. 48k memory :fearful:. You used to have manually type in computer game programs using machine code or basic from magazines or from the top of your head ( which I did occasionally ). The result was weeks of hard work for something rubbish. To load a commercial game on your computer required a tape recorder screeching data at your computer for 14 minutes. How times have changed :slight_smile: