Comparing damage

Don’t know if I’m the only one, but I have so much trouble understanding damage in this game.
I have two items, giving me different numbers:


Just on the numbers screen, the first one seems better, but the extra blight and torrent proc % - - I have no idea of how to value that. I’m fairly certain that the latter one is far better, given that I’m running an arc/poison/reactor build, but as I said - not sure if the % blight damage can be ‘summed’ up to number that can be compared to the pure dps number of the orb?
Any inputs are welcome!

Appears that the orb DPS difference occurs because you have Sorcery talent on the 1st legend. Change the 2nd legend to same talent & I believe orb DPS will increase. Also if you change the nature on 1st legend to “of the elements” or “of Death” you should increase DPS. Also could use Emerald to increase item quality on 1st legend to 25% which will affect DPS.

Here’s a link to the formula. This really helped me prioritize affixes.

I saw that formula - been dodging it a bit so far:P
I think its gonna take a couple of days of my life to get my head around that stuff ^ ^

Thnx though:)

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The reason the first one says it is better is because the orb DPS does not account for blight but it does account for critical damage so it has a higher DPS calc on that screen but the second one is by far superior :smile: