Comparing Items

I’m not sure I copletly understood how the “comparing items” window works.

As you ca see in the screenshot I compared 2 items to 1, the first one has higher DPS (I guess, damage per second?), and the second one has lower DPS. My question is, why the game shows me (left lower corner) that both the items have around -2% then the one equipped?

Forgive my english, not my native language :wink:

They show the dps gain/loss on your basic attack skill and they don’t do that well. If you want to know what have better dps check if skill you are mainly using will benefit from attack speed. If not check item information and look at it’s min-max damage, the higher it is the better dps. Don’t rely on that dps stat. The one stat of these 3 that actually works well is hp.

First of all, thanks for replying, really apprecciate!
So, if I got this right, the “comparing window” is not reliable and basically I have to select my items by looking at their stats and how they affect my skills damage(?)
Last question, is the DPS number the total damage per second of an item considering all the bonus the items has (atk speed, weapon damage…)? Is at least it reliable?
Thanks for your time!

Yes, it’s more reliable to look at dps of skills you use. But it doesn’t calculate dps gain from affixes like deadly strike or bonus damage from mythic items like Energy or Bloodmagic but it’s ok too look at the dps stat at the skills page.

it does use deadly strike in DMG calculations.

The comparison assumes you are using ALL of your attacks. If you are only using 1 attack, then you should ignore the comparison.

It didn’t when I was switching items and the difference in offensive affix was deadly strike only. Dps stayed the same.

Checked that quick and deadly strike is not calculated:

Had 70% crit chance and 225 crit damage while testing this.


Thanks for the correction! Will have to get the devs to fix that.