Completely new

First off I like the game, good job!! My problem lies in the abbreviations and what is best things to use starting off. Any help.

I picked wizard by the way

A few tips:

For the Abbreviations: Press your character image (to open your inventory)
Press the Codex tab along the top
Press the “Orange” tab on the right (this is the dictionary)
Read through this and it will help to explain some of the terms in the game.

Also, if your equipment has a feature (affix) that you don’t understand, open your inventory
Press once on the item that has the feature you want more information about
Then press on the small window that shows you item details (this will be on the left or right hand side of the screen)

These screens will give you a lot more information about what each item can do

Here I press on my off hand item which is an enigma skull
Next I tapped on the actual info box that showed up on the left hand side of the screen.
You get a more detailed information window

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That Enigma Skull is awesome! :smile:

Look for a Gautlet… Use the storm to put all mobs togheter and then just do the basic attack pushing they away… You’ll kill all at once, and wouldn’t be hitted… (Even better if u have some equips with Explosive affix)… With this, get to M3 dificulty, even if it is on lower floors. May get some time to kill everything, but the luck bonus on M3 is too good, u’ll be droping much better equips. Look on forum the list of what legends u should keep, and the rest u use/sell. After u get a lot of crystals and good equips (hardly done before floor 200), start to look for builds. (if u wanna craft before it, use lower crystals, like: topaz on obsidians place or so)
(Sorry for bad english)