Comprehensive Guide

Always people asking something like me and searching informations on dozens of topic.I think its so weird :alien: Ok Dictionary is wrong, nobody updating Wiki but if they be ok even so people will come here for asking something about details.
So i want make a comprehensive guide (as fixed topic) for all players.But i dont know everything about game yet.So if i can take a little help from you we can make this faster.I promise for keep up to date regularly as can do as.

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well, with parts of Codex not being up to date or even being in conflict, and the newer Patches changing things from the old Patches, even in the Forums, there is conflicting information between the older posts and the newer ones because of the updates. and the Wiki :sob:. playing Wizard, I have learned a lot, but when I start playing the Warrior and Rogue, I’ll have to learn a lot of new stuff and do more searches on the Forums and ask a lot more questions again :persevere:.
in a way, it is us Players who are the Wiki & Codex. :blush::sunglasses::heart_eyes::thinking::face_with_head_bandage::ghost::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Yes, maybe we are comminucating more than normal and this make us closer but sometimes i really get angry when i searching something and it is effecting me negative.I don’t play since 2 days because of this cuz i can’t find details about something so i can’t determine my strategy just farming “dumbly” on 200th floor.If i can reach all informations about game i will say yes do this or lets start first with that thing but i stopping regularly.I want to play game unstoppably.Build ideas blowing up on my mind but i just can do wait for make something more :tired_face:

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Just pointing out that this has been done.

Still relevant. All you have to do is update the spreadsheets.


Even put “taking suggestions” in there.


Oh i was forgot it.I gonna check it.