Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]

The long awaited (for me, at least) guide to many things Dungeon Quest has now arrived! You can obtain this guide in many colors, including: Black.

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Greetings, and welcome to SHTT**, the thread meant for all (many) of your Dungeon Quest-related questions and ponderings.
** I originally wanted to switch tips with important. Think about it.

To kick things off, I will begin with…


There are multiple factors that are integral to the game. The beginner’s first and foremost concern, however, is achieving the maximum level: 99.

“But Skaul, how do I do this?” you say?
Well, that’s easy! Just kill monsters!


You’ll want to play all the way until Floor 200, which is the max floor. I’ll mention how to surpass that later. When you reach Floor 200, you’ll probably be in your 80s. Just repetitively run any floor from 181-200 on the difficulty that will give you the most gain while still being able to kill monsters fairly quickly. This should also grant you quite a few items for your bank, collection, crystal storage, mythstone storage, or future endeavors. Throughout your leveling, you’ll want to make attempts at maximizing the Gold Find, Item Drop, and Luck on your gear to make farming easier. There are also items which have the Legendary affix (Red), EXP Gain. This will help you level up much faster, making the future the present sooner.
To speed up your leveling, you can use the mythic skill, Adventure, but it’s costly, and I would consider other affixes before using it. It gives you EXP equal to the amount of gold you pick up. Not much on a floor or two, but, overall, it contributes toward your progression. It’s applied to a necklace, and it consists of: Flight, Fortune, Quest, Zenith.

Take note that each class hands a special bonus from one of the three integral stats:
Wizard gains Resistance from Mana,
Warrior gains Armor from Health,
Rogue gains Dodge from Power.


Since the previous method that I had here no longer works, a guy named @CuzegSpiked made this guide, and it should help you get some of those Ascension levels.

The best way, currently, to grind out ascensions 50+ is using this build:

You can also use Quest mythstones.

“What do I do now? The game is getting kind of boring…”

Please note that EXP gained from enemies (the enemy itself not including gear) ceases to increase at Floor 101.

Pack Size is a very useful affix on challenge maps for leveling (and farming). If you think you can handle it, find a map with Pack Size and use it! Or, you can use Larimar on a map to obtain Pack Size, then proceed to use a Diamond to re-roll the maps stats. :smiley:

Don’t stop! Your interest will be restored once you start getting into the motions. Next thing to do is


Farming is often a very tedious
task, so, to make the best of it, follow these instructions:

While maintaining a decent damage output, max out your Gold Find, Item Drop, and Luck to reap the most rewards. Luck and Gold Find cap at 650% and Item Drop caps at 200%. Your LegendEx in your game’s codex will help you in keeping track of where to find legends, which ones you’ve collected and you can even look at the stats of the items to see which items you’ll want to find. You can download a spreadsheet LegendEx that was created on the old forum by someone (I’m not aware who) here:

LegendEx Spreadsheet (Note: Powerful Enemies constitute as Epic and higher.)

LegendEx.xlsx (73.2 KB)

I’ve recently taken up the task of maintaining and updating this spreadsheet.

In your travels, you’ll want to keep an eye out for certain items. Some of these items include:
Vacuus Scipio
Glinting Hammer/Blade/Slicer
Gemmed Crown
Unreal Hood (Eternal)
Fabled Blade/Staff (Eternal)
Immortal Flintlock/Wand/Lance
Boundless Cap
Frozen Fate
Stone of Nadroji
Nadroji Crystal
Nadroji Robe
Nadroji Crown
Hand of Epiphany
Entropic Jewel
Aether Wrap
Aether Cap

To aid in your farming, certain Set affixes (Green) should be used. These include:

With the new 2.1 Patch, there is now a purpose in farming at higher floors and difficulties. To achieve the most possible drops, farm at floors above 750 on Mythic 3. At this floor number, you can obtain all legendary items possible. Farming at 181-200 is still almost as effective as it was before.

Take into account that, with the new patch, every 100 floors, your crystal and mythstone rarity will increase. This means that, for example, at floor 500, your crystal and mythstone tiers will increase by 5 (+1 for each 100 floors). If your previous common drop range was Calcite to Emerald, it will now be Kyanite to Amber.

The floors that you should focus on if you are searching for many of the items mentioned above are floors 191-200, although, currently, there is a bug where most items can be obtained anywhere.

If you are interested in Eternal items for your build that you will actively use, you will need to farm at a minimum of floor 500. Floor 500 gives a guaranteed chance of the item being Level 100 if an Eternal drops.

Another must for farming is completing the Epic, Legendary, and, Mythic Enemy feats. A free eternal for killing enemies? C’mon, that’s unbeatable. You can keep track of your progress in your codex. To speed this process up, you’ll want a Hunter Ring. Just use a crappy, four slot ring, and put these Mythstone into it: Rebirth, Flight, Quest, Fortune. The Hunter mythic makes shrines spawn 1-3 epic enemies always.
“What are eternals and rare legends and all of these affixes you keep speaking of?”
Now that we’ve gone over farming and leveling, we can get into the more in-depth stuff.


To start off, there are eight item
rarities (in order of rarity):
Normal - Like the weapon you begin
Magic - These have a few affixes, but nothing special.
Rare - Most of your collected loot late game will consist of these. More affixes, but, still, nothing special.
Epic - These typically have better affixes than all of the before mentioned items.
Legend - These items are items that you will probably use in your build, unless you start from absolute scratch.
Crystal - These items are Legends items with Crystal affixes (Cyan).
Eternal - These are legend items that have +50% Quality. Normally, only +25% Quality is attainable.

There are different types of affixes, too:
Normal Affixes – The yellow ones. Obtained through Larimar, Angelite, or drop.
Epic Affixes – The orange ones. Obtained through Topaz, Angelite, or drop.
Legendary Affixes – The red ones. Obtained through Ruby or drop.
Crystal Affixes – The light blue ones. Obtained through Obsidian or drop.
Set Affixes – The green ones. Obtained through Amethyst or drop.
Mythic Affixes – The purple ones. Obtained through combining mythstones in a specific

Here’s a List of Affixes:

List of Affixes.xlsx (32.9 KB)

The most sought after affixes, due to their usefulness and rarity, are:
Elemental Damage % (ED%)
Weapon Damage % (WD%)
All Sets
Push the Limit
Elemental Crit (rollable)
Elemental Crit DMG (rollable)

These affixes are crucial to most builds, and can be found on most of the gear
mentioned above.


With Patch 2.1, you can now ascend your characters. Once the max level (99) is reached, your character can purchase and Ascension from the game’s Shop for 5,000,000 gold. When you ascend, your character’s level and stat points are reset to their beginning amounts, while all other things remain the same. Your currently equipped items are deposited in your inventory, and you are given starter items. When you ascend, you have the choice of one of six perks that will persist throughout the rest of your gameplay (these perks only work on the controlled character (except for dealer)). Here are the perks:

Personal opinion on which perks to prioritize:

  • Fortunate: incorporates farming into your grinding

  • Dealer: munnies for them ascensionz

  • Treasured: more farmz

  • Accomplished: more farmz

  • Hunter: more farmz and exp

  • Enshrined: stuff

To achieve the max level the quickest so that you can ascend once more and gain another perk, make sure to use the leveling method mentioned previously. You can also put Quest mythstones into your gear to speed up the process. Keep in mind that the EXP Gain cap is +200%.

Before I include some important guides already created on the forums, here are some
formulas and answers that are frequently requested on the forums:

The base chance for finding Eternals and Crystal legends is 1%. With Eternalized,
the chance increases by 50% each rank of the affix. This means that, at Rank
(1), the chance to obtain an Eternal will increase to 1.5%. The same goes for
Crystal legends, but with Crystalline.

There is a total of 42 affix slots on your six pieces of gear.

Only one resource mythic is going to function on your gear. These include: Harmony,
Synergy, Blood Magic, Discordance, Energy, Alchemy, and Fury.

Crystal affixes can only be obtained through drop or roll from Obsidian. They can not
be removed by Kyanite, and can only be removed through Quartz. They can only be
rerolled through Diamond.

The formula for calculating damage is:
((((BWD*(1+WD%)(1+WIQ)) + WD)(1+ED%))))+ED)/ASd
BWD = Base Weapon Damage - whatever the average damage of a weapon is at a given
level with NO other modifiers (and at 0 WIQ)
WD% = Weapon Damage % affix on weapon – added if multiple (IE affix + mythstone)
ED% = Elemental Damage % across all gear IF weapon is that element – if from
multiple sources
ED = Flat Elemental Damage across all gear
WD = Flat Weapon Damage on weapon
WIQ = Weapon’s Item Quality

Eternal items cannot be altered unless they have four sockets. You should put a mythic in the item, then you can use Topaz to fill the remaining slots.

Eternal items can be Jaspered (with a Jasper crystal) to other classes, but their affixes are still permanent (unless said Eternal is a 4-slot item).

Shrines last the entire floor when used (except for the pool). You can find these values in the game’s Codex, but here they are:
Experience Shrine – EXP Gain +25%
Fortune Shrine – Luck +50%
Power Shrine - +25% DMG
Item Drop Shrine - +50% Item Drop
Resist Shrine – All Resist +25%
Monster Shrine – Summon random epic enemy
Pool – Fully restore HP/MP

All legendary immunity affixes (Blind Immune, Stun Immune, etc.) can now be rolled via Ruby.

The only new sets that can be rolled via Amethyst are: Scoundrel, Aethereal Drain.

Shrines, gear, affixes, and other bonuses (except purchased ones, and ones that state
otherwise) share the same cap. i.e. Gold Find caps at 650%, unless affected by
Epiphany, etc.

These are the levels at which new auras are obtained in arena:
Level 5 - Fire Aura
Level 10 - Ice Aura
Level 15 - Electric Aura
Level 20 - Poison Aura
Level 25 - Arcane Aura
Level 30 - Angelic Aura
Level 35 - Demonic Aura

Leagues and league promotion is based on rating. If you meet
the percentage requirements of all players, you will be promoted.
Eternal - Top 1%
Mythic - Top 5%
Legend - Top 25%
Epic - Top 50%
Rare - Top 70%
Magic - Top 90%
Common - Everyone Else

Main Hand (MH) and Off Hand (OH) Mythics do a set amount of damage. Here’s a list of those values:
Cyclone - 300% MH
Bombard - 250% MH
CosmicOrb - 300% MH
RockBlast - 200% MH
Earthquake - 300% MH
Arc - 600% MH
Apocalypse - 300% MH
Vanish - 100% OH
Nova - 250% OH
Enigma - 250% OH

All procs cap at 100%. What defines a proc as a stat is the word “proc” in it’s title. Technically, Explosive, Elemental Critical, etc. are not procs.

On Crystal conversions:

Left means you salvage, Right means you convert, and X means you keep.

On Jasper usage:

The chart reads left-to-right.

On battle arena caps:

Now here are some links to forum guides that are EXTREMELY useful:

Potentially the most efficient farming build:

And here’s the link to the wiki:

And the link to Shiny Box’s blog:

:smile: Enjoy!

Credits to: @cronos4321 @Emman @Rubik @Refia, @Griffin, Zierham, @CuzegSpiked, @Clogon, @Midlumer, and @ilidan371.

I will update this with each patch, and whenever I think of something useful to add. Suggestions, questions, and corrections are accepted. :smiley:


Useful and very help full

Thank you

Love seeing one stop newb-shops like this as a lurker at heart…if I were to add anything (and this guide from just a quick glance has a lot of still useful/new knowledge for yours truly, so thank you, lest I forget) it’d be the importance of hunter rings for those who are farmers at heart (or the upcoming ascension perk), alongside the fact that it takes some ‘clarity’ before one can find the ‘wisdom’ to truly understand that RNGesus rewards those who seek true salvage-tion; IE mark your crystal/mythstone ‘cut offs’ and only salvage from X down and worry about up-converting Y up…this will allow for cheaper and more frequent rare crystal/mythstone rewards for achievement completions… I learned that lesson the long and slow way myself/‘wasted’ a lot of low lvl converts and gold in the process of teaching myself.

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Thank you for suggesting that. I had planned on adding all of that prior to starting it, but my mind is a maze most of the time. I’m waiting to add the Ascension stuff for when the patch releases. :smile: I’m glad to help, and I appreciate your help.


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Fixed implies it was broken to begin with, and that couldn’t be further from the truth; awesome guide/well done!

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Exactly my intention. Haha.

More visual aids are up-and-coming. Ascension and necessary gameplay tips will be added once 2.1 releases. The affix file and legendex file will be updated then as well. Any suggestions welcome.

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If anyone has a list of all dependent, negative, or any other affixes not properly included in the Affixes spreadsheet, please let me know. :smile:

Updated for


You might want to include the Adventure mythic for the sections “IF YOU ARE MAKING ANOTHER TRIP TO 99” and “ASCENSION”. It’s kinda expensive with the mythstones it uses, but gold->xp is pretty good! Especially when you consider that Gold Find pretty much becomes +XP.

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Good updates. The “most sought after affixes” section probably doesn’t need to include Blind Immune and Stun Immune anymore, now that they can be Ruby rolled. Still useful yes, but in the top few?

Thanks for the feedback. :wink: