Confused and no idea what to improve

Hej guys!

I’ve started new and read all the existing guides for being good in this long journey… BUT for every single one you need some specific items that a beginner simply do not have.

So - here’s a link to what I have and I hope, you guys could give me some tips what will make my life in-game much easier…

I play wizard and my hireling is the roque… I would love it much more to play the roque, but for now I think it’s better to play the wizard…
I’m at F125 on M3 difficulty and I use maps all the time…

Thanks from a real confused men…

Got this here:

First thing to do is to make ur hero lvl 99 and select fortunate perks . and stop doing chalenge maps .and also make ur gears same element by using calcite .(shock) . then change ur map dificulty to epic-legend . first mythic u need to craft is hunter ring to find narodji (+2sets)

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Hello and thanks for the information!

I changed my builds back to:
Wizard = Orb
Roque(hireling) = Bow

Fortunate perks are what? And where can I get them? Both of my heroes are lvl 92 now and i´m at floor 165 on legend-difficulty…

Missing the fortune-mythstone to make the hunter complete :frowning:

Fortunate perk increases ur luck +200% u can get it by ascending from lvl 99 to lvl 1 , u can buy ascension in shop. 1st ascension is 5M it increases as you ascend more until final ascension

I suggest pick 1 hero to ascend first since you need the other to help you lvl up quickly. Ascend ur other char when you have both strong characters for floor 200


Hello @deathGG!

Thanks for yr response :wink:

OK - so you mean, ascend first the wizard, then lvl him up with the roque(hireling) and when the wizard again reached lvl 99(ascended) do the same with roque?

Can you maybe tell me, how is it possible to get cyan-coloured items with a mythstone AND A set-affix?

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Yes whatever is the easiest but may i suggest for ascending ur hireling just ascend 2 times (fortunate perk and dealer perk) since other ascensions wont work anyways with your main

For cyan coloured item just put obsidian (only 1 can be applied) in putting a mythstone with a set affix place a zircon( crystal) to the item befor putting the mythstone elixir


Enjoy the game bro. Ull be strong ! Just keep playing and playing and playing ! Thats the secret of everyone.:parrotbeer:

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Yeah, but at any time, I need to grow up stronger, and when this don´t will happen - I have a problem…
Hope you understand^^

Yes in some point. But why ur hir? Wer hir? To help each other bro. A true gamer never surrender .


I won´t surrender for sure :wink:

What do you mean with this:
“But why ur hir? Wer hir?”?

I´ll play till lvl 99 on both heroes and after that, i´ll ask again what to do :smiley:


Haha makesense bro. :joy: .


I found this thread: Skaul's Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]

It´s really cool and now I know what´s meant with ascending! :wink:
That will gonna be my next step - but now my question…
Is it better to ascend the main first or the hireling?
On the long run, I´ll play the roque(bow) and have either the wizard or the wizard as hireling…
But for now, it´s maybe easier to play with the wizard(orb/twister)…

And fortune-ascending is the best set, right?

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Are u sure that fortunate on hireling works?

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Im sure, been playing for months now. I suggest u ascend the main first. When i first ascended i used the treasured perk for having a great chance of finding eternal items, crystal items and the combination of both.

Its up to you on what u will pick first. Think carefully on what you want to plan on doing in the future, so the thing you do now will not be wasted.

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I gonna play only PVE - I´m not interested in playing at PVP.

So i can basiclly go 400% over luck cap with fortunate on main and hireling? Can someone confirm that? Because im pretty sure that i read somewhere on the forum that the only working one on hireling is a Dealer :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats how i got 1012% luck first 650 then 850 with hireling plus 25% more because of epiphany

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Another one then, do i have to put epiphany on main or it doesnt matter?

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Main, but im not exactly an expert but i havent tried putting epiphany on my hireling i think cuzegspiked or griffin can help you with that. Sorry

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