Confusion in Permafrost and Inferno Set Affix Description

I’ve been playing DQ for a bit while and like any other DQ players I have been trying-out builds. I’m also a bit of critical in reading descriptions and I came across with these 2 specific “confusion”(I suppose). I’m not sure if this issue came up before. But I hope anyone would clarify this. Thanks!

As you can see - ED% is in the description of the actual gear while in the Dictionary it shows the specific element. And for me this difference is a great factor. Because ,obviously, Elemental Damage is unspecific and therefore can be used in any element. [For Example, Inferno (if it’s ED%) can be used for a build for poison element with also the benefit of the DoT speed.]

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Dictionary is outdated, old, only way to know is if you test it on pvp dummy, get the same ED on gear, put inferno set affix, try shock element and fire, same whid permafrost whid ice, i think that they will correct dictionary in next 1 our 2 patch, i dont know if they will do it but is very likely to, dictionary is old!


Hmm. I didn’t know that the dictionary was outdated. I guess that is partially an enlightenment on my part. I’ve been experimenting tbh. And, for me, it ended up just having an assumption on the matter. But I am slightly convinced that it was changed to ED% since I’ve seen some poison builds that has inferno affix on it. I guess I’m just really finding a clear information.

Anyways.Thanks for the info and suggestion @ZOMBOY

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Best way to know is someting works is test it, them you will have your opinion obout it😉!

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What you cannot tell in the description from the actual gear is it is supposed to show :snowflake: for Permafrost and :fire: for Inferno. That means your ED would increase using ice element with Permafrost and ED would increase using fire element with Inferno. Those images do not really show up well in the actual gear description.

@ZOMBOY is correct - the best way to determine something is to test it out.


Oh, That’s why. Thank You! @Mr_Scooty

I believe it’s clear now. As you see in my screenshot the description was:
“Increase ED% by X% for • weapons …”
That blue dot in Permafrost affix is the logo/image. :dizzy_face:
I hope I am just the only one having concern on this “small detail”. Btw,I will continue trying these affixes out later on.
Thanks Guys!


I have had the game on 2 different devices, and sometimes I can see a little colored dot, and sometimes I can’t, on some of those Sets with Element requirements. I have wondered the same thing, and am get the correct information. will save trouble testing crafting ideas later.