Connecting / adding friends accounts as hired helpers

I don’t know if this was suggested, but in another one of my fav games, you have a friends list, and this is populated through adding players you see from the games simple chat system. It really bolstered the community. In fact the ONLY thing i feel this game is lacking is a social aspect (besides arena.) The game i’m speaking of is called Dragon Blaze by Gamevil. it’s an example of a chat system done wonderfully. but being able to add other players as helpers and taking them into dungeons with you would be awesome and mutually beneficial. perhaps you could give bonuses to players that both hire and are hired as helpers.

Just sayin.


dq2 multiplayer


is that a thing? lol what the hell have I been doing with my life?

lol ObiWan, You’re my only hope!!!


we need a meme with the Princess Leah hologram message to General Kenobi.


Yeah!!! i agree with your opinion dude.

I have not seen that one, will check it out. Thanks for the tip!

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