Connection Game - Googleaccount not possible?


Can somebody help?

It doesn´t work since I started last week and I can´t purchase a 2nd charslot…
I´m not interested in playing wizard anymore and want to start with flintrock-roque, but can´t get the items, if I delete the Wizard…


There are some problems with google version DQ :confused:.You can PM me to talk more.

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By the way - I´m from germany, if it helps…

You need to be updated to the latest version of Google Play Games and the latest version of Dungeon Quest in order to log in with your google account.

Remember that this account does NOT back up your save game data, you need a DQ Account for that (a button on the main menu in the lower left corner of the screen).

As far as Mandelbrot goes, I don’t know what they are referring to as far as I am aware the Google Play version of Dungeon Quest is the only version made available by us for Android devices. If you are downloading it from somewhere else (besides Amazon or Apple) know that you could be opening your device to any amount of spyware and other nasty surprises.

Google Play for Android devices
Apple App Store for iPhone devices
Amazon App Store for Amazon app version or Amazon Devices

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