Connection timed out

Hello, I recently downloaded Dungeon Quest on my Redmi Note 11 Device and I have worked really hard to get my wizard to level 80, but then I decided to make an account for it because I want to participate in the battle arena. So I have signed up and logged in today, but the problem is I can’t press the panels such as Campaign and Battle Arena itself. The only button I can click is the options and quit button. From time to time, a window always pops out that says connection timed out.

Is there anyway to log out of my account? Everytime I click the account button, the window that says upload and download always pops up. (Sorry for the grammar if there are errors)

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hopefully, this problem has an easy solution.

I might be able to help.

Please send an Email to and let me k ow what your dq account email address is. I can look up your account once I have that info.