Connection timeout


Im in division 3. At 2nd place of mythic league just a little bit more i will reach eternal league division 10 because of lag and delays in PvP fightings im back to division 7 sad


that is the no.1 problem on arena. even if you have fast speed connection.


Is it true someone says that when i reach level 35 i will received demon aura so thats the time of reaching eternal league? Without reaching division 2&1 because they are rolled back by AI fights in eternal league division 10. Im level 34 now? The only problem now is lag and delay


I don’t have these issues on fast speed. It seems to be to do with stability and if slow internet. I used to have slow internet for eg. I still do but not as bad as it used to be.


Arena Level is different from League Rankings. getting the Demon Aura at Arena Level 35 doesn’t mean you are automatically in Eternal League. but if you are playing so much that you get the Demon Aura, you might be good enough to be in Eternal League, but maybe not. I am in Eternal League now, and I am Arena Level 28. I don’t even have the Angelic Aura yet. :sob:


Im now half of exp bar or level 34 in pvp going 35 to unlock demon aura my no1 reason now it connection timeouts this pass 3 days i can replenish the lost MMR back to 980 to 1000 if fast connection. Its sad now im in division 9 now with 870 MMR because of lag and getting 0 exp after a fight and match ID failed even i win it considered a lost or forfieted match


yeah, I have heard about that happening. I hope you are able to move up in spite of the connection difficulty.


Good example of connection timeout. Now I wait 1-2 hours to receive my loss and reduction in MMR.


i have slow internet connection too but when i play in arena there is no lag.
correct me if im wrong. the DQ arena as you fight is offline only the result of the fight will be recorded.
There should be no LAG during PVP. maybe the phone needs an upgrade.

i also sometimes get a connection time out. but it happens after the duel.


Its the phone. I can do PVP matches offline after the match was found, then i turn off wifi or 4G, do 2 matches and on the 3rd match, I turn it back on and the victory counts. The A.I is offline but downloaded from the servers based on what the human configured when they entered the character in the area. So that can mean slow phone will feel laggier in matches which can alter results a bit.


I’m close to 35 and I got to Eternal league around 30-ish