What does this talent do?

for Wizards using Timewarp, it reduces an enemies movement rate by 2.5% per Rank. this applies to enemies that enter the Timewarp Zone (and maybe if they go through the Zone to chase you).

Continuity 20 reduces the Movement by 50% and Continuity 40 will stop them in their tracks. what I wonder, and haven’t tested yet, is if a Worm is caught within the area of a Timewarp with Continuity, does that mean it is stuck, and you can move behind it and it can’t shoot at you, because it can’t turn to follow you, or go back underground and pop up somewhere else?

ranged monsters that get stuck in a Continuity Timewarp can still shoot at you, but the Timewarp slows their projectile by 50%.

if it keeps even ranged monsters in the Continuity Timewarp from turning around to fire at you, you can just move out of the line of fire and kill safely.


I have 40 continuity and monsters don’t stop

arrgggghhhh!!! now I have to test it!!! I have an Epic Farm Build that is using Timewarp & Continuity 20 at the moment, and monsters entering the Timewarp AoE are getting slowed, so I’ll do a test for 40 and see how that works. monsters can Teleport into the Timewarp, but then can’t move, I would think. it stops their movement, not their ability to attack, unless they are stunned or frozen or something.

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this was a very frustrating test for me…the frustration coming from getting Continuity to 40. :rage:

my observation is that melee monsters movement get slowed down, but not by 100%. their attack speed gets slowed down but not stopped. worms within the AoE of Timewarp react slowly to you if you change your position, so you could move around them and attack, and they would continue to try tracking you to attack.

monsters that can Teleport can Teleport in and out of the Timewarp with no problem, but move slowly in Timewarp if you don’t get too far away from them.

my thought is that Continuity Talent isn’t very useful except for a very narrow type of Build. might be good for fighting Worms & Malums, since it slows down their ability to track you as you move out of their line of fire.

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