Controller HUD

I’m trying to use my wireless Xbox 360 controller or wireless Xbox one controller but the game isn’t responding to it. Does any buddy have any suggestions


Hi lordtrae,

A Microsoft Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller isn’t going to work out of the box as they aren’t standard Bluetooth controllers - they have a proprietary firmware to make them work with Xbox only. If you have USB-OTG support on your device you can connect a wired 360 controller or the receiver dongle for a Windows wireless 360 controller that way. (EDIT: side note, PS3 and PS4 controllers are technically Bluetooth controllers and will work with some setup…)

Or… You could get an inexpensive Bluetooth controller. I use this one - it’s the exact same feel in the hand as a 360 controller, but lighter, and it has the stand so you can mount your phone in it. I can confirm it works well with dungeon quest - use “Home+(X)” when you start it up and it will show up in your Bluetooth as a “keyboard”, pair it and start up DQ!

Hope this helps!

So I can use a ps3 controller and just connect it to my phones Bluetooth

The answer is technically yes. You can use an Xbox 360 controller with a USB-OTG cable and support for USB-OTG on your device - plug it in and it’s instantly recognized as an input device. PS3 controller is a little more complicated, there’s a tutorial for getting it working here - Be advised I haven’t tested the PS3 controller myself, only the wired/wireless 360 controllers with USB-OTG or a PS4 controller - which doesn’t require anything extra to set up, just the knowledge of the button combo to put the PS4 controller into pairing mode. This should get you in the right direction. (I’d recommend this over a PS3 controller if you have the choice.)

Honestly, I recommend just getting a bluetooth controller specifically for your device, like the one I linked (which is a third of the price of a PS4 controller), unless you have a specific attachment to an ‘official’ console controller - I did, which is why I got one shaped precisely like the 360 controller. Using console controllers with your Android device is almost always going to be a hacky solution.

Hope this helps, please take my advice with a grain of salt. I am not the maker or user of your device, just a DQTester who happens to like using the controller too.

Now to just find out if my LG V10 Will support a ps4 controller