Controller support


I just purchased this game controller for the sake of easier farming on dq. problem is the controller needs some jailbreak in order for me to use it properly for touch based games (like dq)

here is the link:

i just found out that there is an option to bind the keys to the movements in the options menu, and my controller can be set to keyboard mode.


  1. is dq playable through a keyboard? if so please let me know how to bind the keys.
  2. is there a work around here? my controller supports icade mode and keyboard mode.

btw i’m using a ios device with the latest ios version and dq 2.1 (last update).


I can somewhat answer your first question. There is an emulator or two for DQ. So, yes, keyboard will work.

If you are running on iOS and have a MFI compatible device it should just work.

If it is being emulated by the OS (which is what it sounds like since it requires jailbreak) then I am not really sure since we have not tested any of that on our end.

is it legal? if so please share. i don’t and can’t jailbreak my device. i use it for work and always needs the latest update (we’re required to do that).

what is the best bet for this? (budget is negotiable, but i prefer those that are around the $10 - $20 range).

Well for iOS the MFI compatible controllers can run on the pricy side.

Here are a few options from amazon:

The most important thing to remember is this: even if a controller says it is “ios compatible” make sure it is MFI compliant.

Manufactures like to use the “iOS Compatible” tag for controllers that support a very old iCade controller library. While this controller will work for iOS it will only work on titles that have very basic (4 direction movement and 2 button interaction) layout.

While the MFI controllers are more expensive you will get the widest range of support with them.

Sorry for my delayed response here, it has been a mad house here at SBHQ for the last few weeks!

thanks for the response. no worries i wasn’t on the rush on this. i already have 2 controllers and i just felt i got scammed because they were ios compatible and before i purchased i didn’t understand the mifi thing. these controllers are pricy right and doesn’t even work with dq (see my post for the nes30 and you’ll figure it out).

another question,

will dq support keyboard playing? i mean is there a plan to enable players to bind keys to specific keyboard letters? this is the only option that i think will work with my controllers and honestly i spent $50 and $75 for each controller with the sole purpose of using it for dq and didn’t do it’s job.


Right! The nes30 is example of an icade controller. I like them based off of their inspiration source…but they have very limited app support on iOS (better for PC or Android).

As far as the keyboard thing goes, this is yet another tricky area on iOS. We do development on PC’s so we have keyboard support there but on iOS we are limited by the 3rd party engine we used back in 2012 for the development of DQ.

In DQ you will notice we have our own keyboard set up, this was made out of necessity on our end because at the time there was no universal keyboard support that we could utilize.

Because of that implementation we do not have native iOS keyboard support in DQ for ios (and as such cannot support bluetooth keyboards on iOS devices).

It is not my intention to provide an excuse for lack of support, just line of sight as to why we do not have that support.

thanks a lot daniel.

how do i play dq on a pc or mac? i tried connecting my controllers through my pc and mac and they work like a keyboard (keys displays out a character whenever i connect it and press).

i was planning on using android just for the sole sake of having a more convenient playing environment, since i always do play after office hours, and lunging around with my tablet is strenuous on my neck.

any way i can play dq on a console based like setup?

we don’t have a release for PC/MAC currently. Although if you troll around these forums for a bit I am sure you will find some information on emulator set ups. Just a brief PSA, we didn’t develop the game with emulators in mind so your mileage may vary :wink:

Several android devices will let you “cast” your game play to a television and you could use a controller with the android device…this would be almost console like.

And there are several inexpensive (relatively speaking of course) android micro consoles (like the fire tv or razer forge) that will allow you to play on a television.

The nvidia shield is a BEAST but is on the upper end of the price range for sure.

Best bet, given you already have some BT controllers, would be an old generation (gen 1) fire tv. You can get them for under 50 bucks sometimes (woot and amazon), they are beefy, and run our game great.

I could go on all day about hardware…but those are some of the easier/less expensive options.

thanks daniel for all the inputs. seems nvidia shield does what it does best. unfortunately it’s not available on my country. anyway thanks for the heads up. i prefer using platforms that the game supports (emulators sucks). thanks again.