Hi, I wanna ask what kind of crystal should i Convert to have the calcite?

You can either farm it on floors below 100 or salvage higher tier crystals like angelite kyanite larimar quartz. etc xD

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I need specific crystal. I salvage some but it doesnt give me calcite :frowning:

if you have this crystal called “Angelite”. salvage it to Calcite.

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the numbers on the Crystals and Myth Stones are the first floor you can usually find them, and are also the order they are found. so you Salvage 1 Angelite to get 1 Calcite, but it takes 2 Calcite to Convert into 1 Angelite. also, at every 100th floor, up to 500, you lose a lower Crystal. so at floor 100, you stop finding Calcite. at floor 500, you stop finding the 5 lowest Crystals. but at these higher floors, you can find higher tier Crystals.