Coop Multiplayer (Online)

Hi. Iā€™m just new here at Dungeon quest and i just want to suggest to add Co-Op Multiplayer feature. Players should finish dungeons together and fight harder boss fights . And pls add The feature that can add DQ members. Thats all Good day and Merry Chrismas to all :slight_smile:

Should have searched first. Thisnwuold never work. Cheaters would move good gears to a legit account. An plus they wanna keep it a offline play.

I know Iā€™m way late but what do you think about Lan on the same wifi network. Then you and a friend could play at home.

This will certainly add to the replay value of the game. Adding a coop modes brings back memories of Diablo and Champions of Norrath. The item swapping will not be an issue. The dev-team can put sanctions against cheaters that illegally duplicate items.

I second this idea and look forward to the day COOP can be implemented!

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