I just got my Free cosmetics hmm but there are total 10 below that i saw that said grab your free cosmetic items
i got only the eternal back
i just got back in the game :’(

iOS User here btw

is it the aura or the back vanity?

back… i only got the back part but i will repeat what i said i saw 10 plus that said get your vanity items but the only got the eternal back :’(

What free items?

-_- vanity… tsk read before replying

and i saw in the description like 2 day left like that but i got it but no vanity was added in my inventory other than the eternal back

I did read tsk I ment which vanities and what announcement. I’ve played every day for a month and never saw a message about free vanities.

can I see you inventory and what is your current league?

vanity?? inventory?

and im at common leage the f? hahaha…

this for example im at eternal league

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here it is sorry for the low quality…
using an iPhone 6 it has no screenshot :’(
btw i only got the eternal and the Christmas vanity
but i swear that i saw more and its said i got only 2 days left to claim them :’( but i only got the 3 vanity the eternal and the shoulder Christmas vanity and the armor

There are no limited time vanities in the sense that you have described currently implemented in dungeon quest :smile:

you got eternal back but dont have defenders aegis I encounter this. Upload your account at dq cloud then clear data of DQ then log in do arena problem solve

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and tip to do screenshot at iphone6 :slight_smile:
press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button and then press the “Home” button. Once it’s done, you will hear a camera shutter which signifies that a screenshot is successfully taken.


if i only screenshot it u will see :’( but its okay

hahaha too bad kid.

try it now so we can see it properly :slight_smile:

No I mean for an absolute fact there are no limited time vanities that exist in the manor that you have described currently implemented with in dungeon quest there are 8 “limited time vanities” but these are as follows the 2 Christmas vanities (shoulders and body) and the 6 season exclusive vanities for reaching eternal league 3 for each season right now being the second season of arena