Cosmic Wizard Build

So I just started a new game as a wizard and after a while, I have collected a full cosmic power set. One thing that I have in mind is that, could anyone here provide me with an advice of what ring and weapon that suit the cosmic power set? (atm i used golex gauntlet and frigid something ring).
Thank u.

I use that set, and i use the stone of nadroj ring (if u dont have, any ring with 4archmage) and the permafrost gauntlet :smiley:

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umm, I have a nadroji’s crystal (and unfortunately with recall talent). is there any kind of build that is in the level of crushing blow warrior?

Acal Lvl 99 Warrior

The electrified set (wich im collecting, got ring +amulet for now) and my nadroj have diffusion x.x

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i just realized that I have a full powered magus stone with +2 All Talents and +4 Archmage. My Barrier now is 42. -105% Mana shield mana cost.
does it mean it costs 0 mp when I take hit?

Acal Lvl 99 Warrior

I, with 82k mp, -100% mana shield cost… Still die when a map have XX%increased dmg and boss are explosive/freezing/bewildering/haunting + extra damage affix… So we are practically inmortal untill we face bosses like those

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the thing is that I have -105%. and when I stand still while the mobs hit me, they indeed get hit by the reflected damage and I obviously get mana leech from my stat. but when TNT props crates explode, instead of losing mana, I get about 1000 mp when it explode (we all know that we can’t leech mana from crate).
I faced a +3 epic enemies which two of them have bewildering and haunting, yet, I lost not even a single point of mp.
try it by yourself. boost your barrier to 40+ and see if it happens to u as well.

as of right now, I replace my astral vengeance with spellbinder to lower my mana pool (from around 70k to 30k) just to make sure that I am immortal. and indeed I am.
Harahell, you’re going down.
Lol, JK.

anw I come up with a pun of hybrid archmage builds.

  • Electro-Cosmic
  • Battle-Cosmic
  • Electro-Frost
  • Frost-Cosmic
  • Battle-Frost
  • Battle-Electro? lololol.

forget it.

Try battlemage with living force xD
And i mean on the cartographer maps that haves increased X% damage and also the boss have the extra damage affix… Believe me i tryed a lot and thats the only way i die

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battlemage+living force? does battlemage attack with projectile?
hmm extra damage affix map and boss? okay, lemme check it and post a screenshoot later.

tested it, and yes, I’m no immortal anymore when dealing with %% damage carto.

Hahahaha i told u i tryed that a lot! XD

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have u tried combined permafrost glove with frigid sigil? what do you think?

Sounds nice but i lose some skill points if switch to frigid sigil xD

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if maxed out, it (frigid ring frostbite, perma-glove frostbite, spellbinder glasscanon and cosmic hat glasscanon) can reach up to 5m on ignis using twister. (sacrificing mana pool, of course)
is ur battlemage build effective on 200+ floors?

Ver “Dungeon quest wizard battlemage + living force” en YouTube - … ata_player

See it xD

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