Could someone review my wizard build?

Could you guys help me to review my current build ? i’m using it for my last time to 99 level then I will remove all Experience affixes and working on Farming/Hunting. I finished all my 6 perks already.

The problem with my current build are:

  • Lacking of mana which causes me die sometimes which feel not good. Even though I kill boss very fast.
  • Lacking of survival, Currently I got hit by some monster which I still survive but I understand from @golem that in higher floor i will be die as soon as I get hit so I need more Dodge to survive or any other suggestion.

Thanks a lot for your time.

on the Crystal of Luck, take off the 2 Myth Stones, All Skills, and all Talents. put 2 more Sockets. make Sanctuary Mythic. if you die, it saves you and gives a 1 second invulnerable with 10% of your HP, but has a 30 second cool down until it works again. then put 2 more Sockets on to put your Exp Gain & All Sets back. put a Dodge +10%.

for now, take Bleed damage off of the Stitch and put Mana Regen or Mana on Hit.

if you’re willing, take Move Speed off Wanderer’s Cap and put Mana Regen or Mana on Hit. I would try to put one of these on the Pet first and the other on the Cap. or one +5000 Mana and your choice of Mana Regen or on Hit, whichever one would work best with your build.