Craft 🤪 Skulldraga/Torrent/Sentry 6 in the Eternal Divination Necklace for ARENA completely legal, no exploit, no cheat allowed

Its a wizard item? I don’t find it

Is a wizard item. Require Mythic 3 and floor 400 + and a wizard (Main).

this is ridiculous mate! this bug exploit needs explanation sir @tdaniel

But the lvl 20 amulet won’t have a talent, so this could be sacrificial if you do.

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@anon87444511 this is not a bug

(New way, thanks to Mr_Hercules discussion) Don’t lose the talent in the Eternal Divination Necklace:

Step 1: Make a character level 39
Step 2: Get enough materials to construct 40 Eternal Divination Necklace lvl 40
Step 3: Have enough space in you bag to construct 20 Eternal Divination Necklace lvl 40 and all of them needs to be show in the same bag.
Step 4: Turn all 20 Eternal Divination Necklace lvl 40 at the same time
Step 5: Check your Eternal Divination Necklace lvl 40, there should be 1 or probably more Eternal Divination Necklace lvl 40 with Torrent 10 which could be change to Skulldraga 6 if you convert the item to warrior and then turn it to wizard, if not repeat step 3 and 4.

Note: High Luck is key to get those Torrent 10 easier, you could ascend a char to get the +200 Luck trait and make it level 39 and then ascent another char to make equipment level 78 (That other char needs to be level 77 <—very important, don’t pass level 77 or the equipment you construct cant be use by the level 39 char), then construct items with the luck trait until you get a cyan luck equipment level 78 to use on your level 39 char. This way you will get more than 900 Luck %, that all you need on your char level 39. You could also try to wait for the 5 min bonus item quality to make the equipment and you could go even more hardcore and use a red map plus +5 min item quality bonus to make the equipment peace, or go 4K ULTRAHIGHDENSITY :crazy_face: and use an Eternal Map+5 min Item Quality Bonus+The Luck train ascendant char Level 39+ Enought cyan Luck piece to max and you could reach 1400%+ Luck before construct those eternal Divination Equipment.

Psst: If you do the last line of my comment, DONT RUN THE MAP (You will surely be kill a lot), just make the pieces and enjoy.

Equipment pieces with luck trait that you could make until get the cyan luck trait: Warrior Chest (Hide of the Faun), Warrior Head (Grace of the Faun), Warrior Ring (Spirit of the Faun), (Warrior Amulet (Blessing of the Faun).

Note: High Luck and a level 39 Character to make the equipment pieces is the Key.
And you could make it even with a normal (not ascend) level 39 char without high luck but you will need to construct more eternal pieces to get that lucky 10 in Torrent.

Equipment level 40 with Torrent 10 in campaign will have Torrent 6 in Arena.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge @Ariel. The forum needs more generous people like you. :heart: