Crafting bug

I realize that there is probably no way for me to supply evidence of what I’m about to describe, but it might be a known problem that I haven’t heard about.
I’m crafting on a rogue chest piece, that has the set affix ‘ninja’ and the crystal affix ‘deadly’, I apply the mythic affix ‘skilled’ and after that explosive.
I reroll deadly and explosive affix using fluorite, and after that apply rubies on and off, using kyanite, trying to obtain other affixes.
I add one more kyanite, and suddenly the item turns white - no affixes anywhere? O_o

Anyone tried anything similar? :’(

I’m hoping this might support the fact that we’re talking about a bug here.
The chest piece that I tried to use for crafting, which is now stripped of all affixes, is worth 0 gold.
Even the lvl 1 pieces I get when I ascend is worth 20 gold, and a white chest piece, bought at the vendor, at the map I was at is worth 1600 gold:

This specifically isn’t a known bug but similar ones have definitely been encountered in the past extremely rarely you should email support to get some crystals back for recrafting :slight_smile:

Thnx bud.
The email is on its way. Only thing to do now is sit back and wait for an answer:)