Crafting items for ur build

Hi guys I was wondering what you use to craft items for ur crazy builds do you farm low lvls and get items with the sockets or do you use legend items and take everything off them and put ur own stuff on them :smiley:

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For Amulet & Ring:
Stone of Nadroji and Nadroji Crystal are the best ones to use because of the +2 set number.
For Armor & Head:
Maybe those who has Legend ED 100% are most popular to craft, namely Aethereal Drain set.
For Offhand:
Insolence for Defiant and Legend ED 100% if MH type, else those who have Legend WD 100% like Rage set shield.
For Mainhand:
Those who has Legend WD 100% like ragnarok, maelstrom charger/slicer, etc.
Note: all written here is my opinion only, your choice to follow is completely mandatory ;3


Get the necessary legends, then craft

MH Weapon: hand of Epiphany (Weapon DMG! (think this one is the best))
OH: insolence(elem dmg and defiant) or aethereal (mirror cast/push?)
Robe: aethereal (elem dmg)
Head: aetherial (elem dmg) or epiphany (elem dmg and epiphany bonus)
Ring: epiphany (elem dmg) or cerebral vortex (push and elem dmg(keep this!!!)) or nadjori (+2 set)
Amulet: mayhem (elem dmg(keep this!!!)) or nadjori (+2 set)

Keep these items in your inventory


Would like to add rangnarok for 100% weapon damage und defiant and the 100% wd ohs are useful for some builds aswell


Thanks for all the tips guys I’m useing a rouge as main and my hireling :stuck_out_tongue: I do pretty good dam with both them later I will up load a video and show you what iv done with them :slight_smile:

Hi guys as I said I will do a video off my build plus my hirelings build but not done much to hireling injoy :smiley:

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Fogot to show my pets here’s my mains

and here is hirelings plus found this lovely thing once finished makeing video :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice pets… i only hav 4 legend and 1 eternal and the affixes are pretty bad on mine

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@Dust dont worry got no nearly no pets too only 8 (3 trickster one of them my only etneral…) and no major set affixes like momentum/permafrost/plaqued … after completing the enslaver perk 5 times …

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Iv still not got eternal pet yet

I hav a eternal plagued but affixes are critchance, goldfind and 3 useless magetalents :confused:

use eternalized when killing enslavers for a chance to get eternal pet

What’s that

That sucks

a set green affix can only get via lot cannot acquire using crystal